How To Unban Someone On Discord


Banning people from your Discord server may be an unfortunate necessity in order to create a welcoming environment for the rest of your server membership, to remove griefers, or simply to remove people you don’t like!

However, if an individual has shown contrition and you believe they have mended their ways, or simply if you were too quick and loose with your banhammer and accidentally banned the wrong person, you can always unban them later.

Various admin bots or moderation bots, such as Carl bot or Mee6, can unban people more efficiently on larger servers, but the steps below will only show you the basic way to unban users from Discord without the use of a bot.

Note: The following instructions assume you are either the server owner or have role permissions on your account to ban/unban people in the Discord server from which they were originally banned.

Step1. Select the Discord Server from which the person has been banned

After launching Discord, navigate to the server from which you want to unban the person, which should be listed on the left side of your Discord window. A downward pointing arrow should appear next to the server name at the top of the screen; click it to bring up a dropdown menu.

Step 2. Select “Server Settings” 

When the drop down menu appears, you should be able to see server settings – click it.

Step 3. Select “Bans”

Now that you’re in the settings window, click Bans in the bottom left, just above Delete Server.

Step 4. Choose the person you want to unban

Choose the former member you want to unban from the list of unbanned individuals. If the list is lengthy, you can always search through it by entering the person’s Discord name into the top-right search bar (there was only one person in the list above so this was not necessary in our case).

Step 5. Rescind the Ban

After you select the person, a pop-up will appear reminding you the person was banned in the first place. To remove the ban, click Revoke.

Note: Even if you unban someone from your Discord server, they usually do not automatically rejoin the Discord server as a member. You must re-invite the person to your server, and they must decide whether or not to rejoin on their own.


So,  there are ladies and gentlemen, you can now ban and unban people on Discord at your heart’s desire.

If you have any additional questions about Discord, or simply want to learn more about the application and its various functions, please take a look one of the other recommended Discord articles on this page, or navigate to our How To Use Discord guide, which summarizes and links to every individual Discord article we’ve written.


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