How to increase volume on iPhone video recording


You probably record video and broadcast it on your social media accounts if you are a blogger, video content creator, product booster, or small business owner. But what if the audio from the recorded video is too quiet and needs to be turned up to be heard? Fortunately, we have compiled a list of handy ways to increase the volume of a recorded video. Continue reading to find out what the solutions are.

1. BeeCut (Windows)

BeeCut is a simple online video editing tool. With a few clicks, you may increase the volume and improve the voice in a recorded video. It also provides fade-in and fades out of the audio to add effects. This tool is that you can create gorgeous videos without prior experience. See the complete methods below to learn more about making video volume louder with this software.

  • Install the software on your computer after downloading it.
  • After installation, run it and select the aspect ratio you want for your video.
  • Then, by clicking the “Import” button, import the movie you wish to increase the volume of from your local drive.
  • After that, drag it to the work area and double-click it to reveal editing options. Adjust the volume by swiping the pointer over the “Audio” option. Select the “Voice Enhancement” option and click the checkmark to enhance the voice.
  • When you’re finished, export the video to your computer.

2. iMovie (Mac)

iMovie is up next on our list. This is an Apple Inc. video editing tool that can help you increase the loudness of MP4 videos on your macOS. It also improves the audio, eliminates background noise, and applies an equalizer to the recorded video. As a result, viewers can easily hear and understand the audio in the video. Follow these procedures to accomplish this.

  • On your Mac, launch the software.
  • Select the video clips to which you want to add volume.
  • Drag the volume control up or down until you achieve the video’s required volume.

3. AudioRepair (Android)

If you don’t have a desktop computer, AudioFix may be able to assist you in improving the audio of a recorded video using an Android mobile. This is a helpful video volume booster, editor, and enhancer. It also immediately boosts the volume, removes noise, wind, and hiss, and modifies the equalizer. It may also automatically enhance the audio in your video. The simple steps for using this program are listed below.

  • Launch the app after downloading it from the Google Play Store.
  • Select the video you want to change the volume. Drag the volume control up to the desired volume.
  • Keep the video.

4. Video Volume Increaser (iOS)

Video Volume Booster is ideal for iOS users who want to boost the volume of a previously recorded video. You can use this program to increase the loudness of a video beyond the maximum level of 1500%. Aside from increasing video volume, it can also increase background noises, making audio louder and more transparent. Follow the procedures below to accomplish this.

  • Open the app after downloading from the App Store.
  • Load the video file and select the level of audio enhancement for your video.
  • Finally, preview it and save it.

5. Louder Video (Online)

You don’t install an app on your smartphone. You can consider VideoLouder, an online solution. A free tool that allows you to increase the volume of a recorded video’s sound. It also supports various video file types, including AVI, MP4, MPEG, MPG, MOV, and XVID. On the other hand, it can only upload video files of up to 500 MB in size. The following are the steps to get started.

  • Using your preferred browser, navigate to the official page.
  • To upload the video from your local drive, click the “Browse” button. Then select action and decibels.
  • Save it by clicking the “Upload File” button.

Meanwhile, if you need a better screen recorder for a product demo or live streaming, these programs may be helpful.

1. ApowerREC

This is a short yet professional screen recorder for PCs and mobile devices. The smartphone version is entirely free.

2. Bandicam 

Bandicam is a free screen recording software with a trial version. It only allows users to record their computer’s screen for up to 10 minutes.

3. iTop Screen Recorder 

Another program that can record anything on your screen is iTop Screen Recorder. In addition, this tool can record audio from within the background and from the microphone.

4. No-Cost Cam

FreeCam, as the name says, is a free screen recorder for all users. This tool’s recorded videos can be used for video tutorials, product demos, etc.

5. Screen Recorder Online

This utility is compatible with most browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. Furthermore, there is no need for registration or payment.


These techniques make it easier and more practicable to increase the loudness of a recorded video. Check out whichever one you believe will provide the finest help. In addition to these, we provided helpful screen recorders that can record audio. You can use these to capture the screen of your computer at any moment.


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