How to Hard Reset on a Samsung SGH-T399 Forgot Password Unlock Pattern


On this page, we will walk you through the entire process of hard resetting your Samsung SGH-T399 via recovery mode. Of course, a hard reset will improve the performance of your device and allow you to utilize a new phone. Then you must hard reset your smartphone, and you will see that your phone works much better after the hard reset. Today, we will show you how to erase all data from the SGH-T399. A hard reset will also remove the screen and pattern lock from the Samsung SGH-T399.

We advise that you generate a backup of all files and save them in a secure location before performing the hard reset. A hard reset will harm the storage and data on your Samsung SGH-T399, including photographs, movies, and other documents. As a result, we will not compel you to participate; you must do so at your own risk.

Follow the instructions to Hard reset:

Step 1: To begin, hit the Power button to restart your Samsung SGH-T399. Look at the image below:

Step 2: When your device vibrates, press and hold the Volume Up and Down buttons and the Power button. Look at the image below:

Step 3: To hard reset the Samsung SGH-T399 using the Stock Recovery Mode option, follow the instructions below.

To select ” wipe data/factory reset, you can utilize both Volume keys: UP and DOWN to select “wipe data/factory reset.” If you’re sure you want to reset hard, press the Power key button to confirm. See the image below:

If you wish to reset your Samsung SGH-T399 with Recovery Mode, press Volume Keys to pick the “wipe data/factory reset option.”

Step 4: Now, using the Power button, select “Yes.” Look at the image below:

Step 5: Using the Volume Down button, select “Yes — wipe all user data.” Please see the image below:

Step 6: Finally, hit the power button to reboot the system and press it again to confirm.

That’s all there is to it! You have completed a hard reset on the Samsung SGH-T399.

We hope that the procedures outlined above will assist you in performing a hard reset on your Samsung SGH-T399.


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