How To Drop a Pin On Iphone


You can share your precise position with contacts, avoid getting lost, and remember locations for personalised maps and directions that how to drop a pin on your iphone

Note: The instructions in this article work with iOS 11 and later on Apple iPhones and iPads.

How to Drop a Pin on apple map

Using your iPhone, “pin” a location in Apple Maps:

  1. From the iPhone Home screen, open Maps. Your present position is indicated by a blue pin when the screen first loads.
  2. The place where you want to drop a pin should be tapped and held.

Tip: You may need to zoom in on the map to set an exact position if nothing appears on the screen.

  1. To get a satellite image of the chosen place, select Edit Location.
  2. To position the pin correctly, move the image; alternatively, click Done when you are happy with the position.

The Best Ways to Use Your Apple Maps Pin

Swipe up on the Marked Location pane after you’ve pinned a location to see more options:

  • Select Directions to get the quickest way there. The iPhone calculates whether the destination is close enough for you to walk there or whether driving or public transportation directions are required.
  • Create new contact or Add contact from your iPhone’s contacts list to communicate the location to a new or existing contact.

Tip: Press and hold the pin and choose Remove Marker to remove a marked place.

How to Make Apple Maps Favorite Pins

Save the marked place to the Maps app by adding it to your Favorites if you wish to utilise it later. Finding it is made simpler by this.

  1. Select the pin in the Maps application.
  2. On the Marked Location pane, swipe up.
  3. the Add to Favorites option. The nearest address or landmark will be used as the location’s name by default.

Note: When adding a location to your Favorites on iOS 11 and 12, you were requested to give it a name. With iOS 13, the Favorite Locations menu is where you must update the name.

How to Use iPhone Maps to View Favorite Places

For a list of the places you’ve bookmarked:

  1. On the Apple Maps interface, swipe up on the search bar.
  2. Select See All from the menu next to Favorites.
  3. To show a place on the map, choose a location. To change the location’s name and other details, click the Info icon.

How to Sharing Pins

Your location and dropped pins can be shared with others. On the same screen as the Favorite option is the Share option.

  1. Pick a favourite location or tap a pin.
  2. On the Marked Location pane, swipe up.
  3. Choose Share.
  4. An iMessage or SMS text message to send with the location and directions included, choose Message.


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