How to Delete Auto Backup Images on a Samsung


Android is an overall operating system for mobile. Today, everyone uses an Android phone to make calls, listen to music, and play games. There are numerous functions available in various versions of Android devices. One of those functions is that Android is developed by Google, and it automatically backups your photos to Google Drive of the email id you have used to jam. So, if it uploads pictures that you don’t want to upload to Google Photos, you’ll have to delete them manually. You can delete those images in a variety of ways. We’ll show you how to delete auto backup photos in Samsung or delete auto backup photos in Galaxy. This tutorial can also be used to delete pictures from Samsung and other Android devices.

Part 1: Remove Auto Backup Photos on Samsung

People primarily use Samsung Android devices due to their popularity, configurations, and low prices. Your photos are also automatically backed up to your drive by Samsung mobile. We’ll show you how to delete auto photos on the Galaxy S3 and other Samsung mobile devices.

Step 1: Google automatically backups your photos, and if you delete them from your device, they will be available in the Gallery from the auto backup. You can quickly solve this problem by following these steps. First of all, stop the auto-sync of your photos by following the steps below. Go in the Setting > Accounts (Select Google here) >. Click on your email address. Uncheck syncing Google+ photos and syncing Picasa Web Albums.

Step 2: Now, you need to remove the cache data of your Gallery to clear photos from Gallery. To clear Gallery Data, navigate to the settings menu. Navigate to Settings > Application/Apps > Gallery. Tap on Gallery, then Clear data. Now restart your phone, and then your pictures will no longer be visible in your Gallery.

Part 2: Disable Samsung’s Auto Backup

Samsung phones backup your photos and videos to your Google account by default. If you don’t want them to sync automatically, you can turn them off from your Photos app. To disable automatic backup, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Navigate to your Samsung Android device’s menu. You will have an application there with the name Photos. Please tap on this application right away. Go to Settings in the Photos app and tap on it.

Step 2: After you click the Setting button, you will see an option for Auto Backup. To enter this option, tap on it.

Step 3: You will now see an option to disable auto backup. Turn off the Auto backup option by tapping on the ON/OFF button in the top right. Now Your photos will no longer be automatically backed up.

Part 3: Helpful Hints for Using Samsung Auto Backup

Auto backup by Samsung

Samsung devices typically have very little storage space, so you need to insert a memory card with more storage capacity externally. However, your memory card will eventually fill up with data from your phone because today’s higher megapixel cameras and picture and video sizes are increasing over time. In this case, you can move it to your computer, other external devices, or Google Drive.

The best way to backup your Samsung photos and videos is to back them to your Google photos. The best part about this option in Samsung phones is that you don’t have to do anything. Enable the Automatically backup option, then whenever you are connected to the internet, your photos and videos will be saved to Google. You can now get to them from anywhere and at any time. If you delete them, they will also continue to exist in your Google Photos account.

Downloads of backups

When you install a photo or a video on your device, it is saved in the download option. After some time, you will see the problem of less storage on your phone because of available photos and videos in downloads. You can also backup your download folder to Google Photos. Go to Menu > Photos > Settings > Auto Backup > Backup Device Folder to backup your downloads. To complete the process, select your download folder here.

Screenshots of Samsung’s auto backup

Users of Android devices can take screenshots on their Samsung devices by simultaneously pressing the power and volume buttons. Users can also save screenshots to Google Photos to save them on a drive and access them from anywhere.

Whatsapp Auto Backup

Samsung devices can automatically backup Whatsapp chats, images, and videos. Users of the new WhatsApp can now easily backup their data to their drive. Google is supporting Whatsapp now to back up their files. It is simple to accomplish. Typically, WhatsApp does not save chat backups.

All backup files are only available on your phone. As a result, if your phone crashes, you will lose all of your chat history and images and videos from your WhatsApp applications. You can set it up. It automatically backs up to Google Drive to solve this problem.

Launch Whatsapp > Navigate to Settings > Chats > Chat Backup. When you choose Google Drive and enter your login information, your WhatsApp data will be automatically backed up to your Google Drive.


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