How to Delete All TikTok Messages on iOS and Android 


TikTok is undoubtedly one of the social networks that have grown in acceptance and popularity in recent years. Its popularity is skyrocketing; this is mainly due to the thousands of viral videos displayed there. But did you know you can delete all TikTok messages from your phone?

The number of videos uploaded to this social network daily is abysmal, and the same may be stated about the audiovisual content that is shared there and the downloads made from it. However, this platform provides a wide range of functions to provide uniqueness to its users, and this may be seen in the videos they make using other people’s voices.

The truth is that having a considerable number of messages in your inbox might quickly fill up your device’s memory. As a result, it is convenient to delete all TikTok messages. Don’t worry if you’re not sure how to proceed; this article aims to explain the steps to take.

When I delete a message on TikTok, does it delete it for everyone?

If you want, you can delete a message using the direct messaging functions. However, we must remind you that this operation applies only to you; when you delete a message, it is removed from your inbox. It will, however, remain in the mailbox of the contact who sent or received it, assuming they have not yet deleted it.

How do I get into my TikTok mailbox?

Tiktok is a straightforward social network that allows you to perform functions as simple as how to silence a person to avoid negative comments in a few steps. And that is how easy it will be to access the application’s mailbox.

To do so, navigate to the three-dot icon on the right side of the screen. We’ll press it, and a menu will emerge with numerous alternatives; in our case, we will select the option ‘Messages,’ which will take us to the TikTok message box.

Delete messages from your computer

The following steps to take to delete TikTok messages from a PC: To begin, the app launch, and you sign in to your account. The next step is to go to the mailbox, which we’ve already shown you how to get to. Once there, select the contact’s chat whose messages you want to delete.

You will now have two options for deleting messages: the first is to delete a specific message, and the second is to delete all messages. Select the message to be deleted and then click the ‘Delete’ button, and the second is to delete all messages. You can also delete an entire chat by selecting it and right-clicking; this action will display a menu of options.

In our case, we’ll select ‘Delete chat,’ and a message will appear on the screen asking if you want to delete the chat. The next step is to confirm your request, and voila, all notifications from this contact have been deleted.

Delete text messages from a mobile device

Because we will perform this operation in the TikTok App, the steps will be the same on iOS and Android devices. To begin, enter the application and then navigate to the message box. The next step is to select the chat that you want to delete. Press and hold the button until a menu appears on the screen to do it.

In our case, we must select the option ‘Delete,’ and the chosen chat will immediately delete all messages. If you want to delete all of the letters in the message box, You can do the following. You can do this by clicking on a chat and holding it down until the option ‘Select all’ appears.

By selecting this option, all messages in the mailbox will be automatically fixed. The next step is to choose the ‘Delete’ option, and all messages found on the diver will be erased.

How do forever delete TikTok entries for good?

Although deleting entries in TikTok is a simple process, there is no option for deleting multiple videos simultaneously. As a result, you must repeat these steps with all of the inputs, and you must do the following:

The first step is to enter TikTok from your smartphone and must click the ‘Account’ option once inside. The next step is to go to the video gallery and choose the video you want to remove permanently. After that, you must click the three-point icon to see a list of possibilities.

In our case, we will select the ‘Delete’ option if we use a device that works with the Android operating system. If you’re using an iOS device, you’ll need to Select the arrow-shaped icon by clicking on it. And that’s it; the entry has been removed, and you won’t be able to get it back; now repeat these steps in the following post.

Is it possible to retrieve deleted TikTok messages?

When using a social network, it is critical that you know and understands how it works very well, especially if it is the most popular. However, when deleting a TikTok message, it is impossible to recover it. As a result, it is recommended that when performing any removal process, you are sure or take some measure to back up your messages.


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