How to Connect a Samsung Galaxy A01 to a Television


Modern technologies allow performing a variety of operations related to smartphones. Many of them dramatically simplify interacting with the device and greatly expand its functionality. For example, you can connect the Samsung Galaxy A01 to a television. Why do you require such a connection, and how do you set it up?

What Are the Advantages of Connecting the Samsung Galaxy A01 to a TV?

The Samsung Galaxy A01 is a full-fledged multimedia device that does not require synchronization with home appliances In standard use cases. However, the smartphone needs to be connected to a TV to access the following features.

  • Watching videos on the big screen.
  • Listening to music through the TV speakers. 
  • Gaming on the big screen.
  • Display the smartphone home screen on the big TV screen.
  • Wireless TV control.

Users of the Samsung Galaxy A01 can add a lot to that list of possible options. However, the fact remains that connecting a phone to a TV is a function incorporated by the developers into the Samsung Galaxy A01.

You can use several synchronization methods to build a connection between the two devices. There are wired and wireless options available. Choosing a particular way depends on several factors a variety of factors, including the technical equipment of the home as well as the functionality of the television. It is recommended that all possible methods be considered before connecting.

Optional Wired Connection

Wired methods of connecting the Samsung Galaxy A01 to a TV are not the most convenient because they rely on cables, but they do not necessitate advanced technical equipment on the TV.

Using USB

This is the simplest method to connect your phone to your TV screen. The owner of a Samsung Galaxy A01 will need a USB cable that comes with the device to set it up.

 Next, you need to insert one end of the cable into the smartphone and the other into your television. Then, open the TV menu using the remote control and select the USB port in use in the connection menu.

At the same time, the data exchange with the TV is confirmed on the smartphone, where you need to select the connection as a media device. The TV will recognize the Samsung Galaxy A01 as an external storage device if everything is done correctly. So you will be able to display photos, audio, and video on the TV screen using the remote control.

Using HDMI

This method is more complicated, but it is also more functional. If a USB connection provides users with a basic set of capabilities, allowing the Samsung Galaxy A01 to be used as an external storage device, pairing via HDMI allows the smartphone home screen to be displayed on the TV screen, as well as the actions performed on the phone. For example, the use of certain apps.

The method’s difficulty lies in the fact that Samsung Galaxy A01 is not equipped with an HDMI port for connecting to a TV. This disadvantage, however, can be solved by using an MHL or SlimPort adapter. You can buy the corresponding accessory in an e-store for about $3.

The connection can be established as follows:

  1. The MHL or SlimPort adapter’s USB plug is inserted into the smartphone.
  2. The HDMI cable connects the same components of the adapter and receiver.
  3. The user needs to access the list of available connections and open TV settings.
  4. The HDMI connector can then be chosen.

If everything goes as planned, the Samsung Galaxy A01 home screen will appear on the TV. This allows you to operate the smartphone because your actions will be displayed on the TV screen.

Wireless Connection choices

Ways to set up a connection between devices without using wires are the most convenient and popular. However, to wirelessly connect the Samsung Galaxy A01 to a TV, the latter must support Smart TV technology. Otherwise, you’ll have to use a cable to connect the devices.

Through Wi-Fi Direct

Wi-Fi Direct is a feature that innovative TV models support. It enables you to project an image from the Samsung Galaxy A01’s Screen onto the TV. To set up the connection. You need to:

  1. In the Network section of the TV’s settings, enable Wi-Fi Direct.
  2. Open the phone’s settings and navigate to the Wi-Fi section.
  3. Select Wi-Fi Direct by pressing the three-dot button.
  4. Choose your TV receiver from the available devices list.

Open a file manager or gallery, select the required file, click the Share button, and choose Wi-Fi Direct as the sending method.

Through Miracast

Miracast is a wireless connection technology with broader functionality than Wi-Fi Direct. It is possible, for example, to display not only a single file but also all actions performed in the phone menu on the TV screen. To set up a connection, you need to:

  1. Turn on Miracast in the TV’s settings.
  2. Navigate to the screen Mirroring or Wireless Display settings on your phone (the section’s name may differ depending on the firmware).
  3. Choose your TV from the available options.

The image from the smartphone screen will be transferred to the television. Any user action, including the launch of individual games or apps, will be displayed on the large screen.

If you couldn’t find the Miracast function in your Smart TV’s TV settings, don’t worry. All models with a built-in Wi-Fi module support the technology. Connect the TV and the smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network, and then activate the wireless display in the settings of your Samsung Galaxy A01.


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