How to Change Your Ring Doorbell’s WiFi Network


Ring Doorbell is a WiFi doorbell that is much more than that. Yes, it replaces your standard doorbell, but it also has an excellent video intercom system that allows you to communicate with your visitors from your smartphone or tablet. You can accomplish all of this from home or anywhere else if you have access to the internet.

Ring Doorbell Video devices are filled with valuable capabilities, the app is highly user-friendly, and everything connects to WiFi with ease. Here’s how to update your Ring Doorbell’s WiFi network.

The First WiFi Connection

The first WiFi connection made by your Ring Doorbell device will not be to your home network. When configuring it, it first enters Setup Mode, prompting you to download the software onto your smart device to proceed.

You’ve created an account and downloaded this app (which shouldn’t take long because it only requires the most basic information), and the app will connect to a nearby Ring Doorbell device.

How can it connect via WiFi if the device is not connected to a network? Ring Doorbell will project its temporary WiFi network while in Setup Mode. This is needed to connect the Ring app to the device, after which it will connect to a WiFi network.

Now, connect to your home’s WiFi and configure the settings using your smartphone or tablet instructions. After that, the projected WiFi network will stop broadcasting, and the device will connect to your preferred WiFi network.

Forcing the Setup Mode

Without activating Setup Mode, your Ring Doorbell will be unable to connect to your home WiFi network, rendering it practically worthless. You may need to force the Setup Mode to start in some cases.

Remove the faceplate from the device, press the black button hard, and then release it.

Note: You mustn’t hold it down for too long. Please remove the battery and adequately charge it. Be patient as this may take several hours.

Start the gadget and check to see if it enters Setup Mode. If it does not, you should conduct a hard reset. Press and hold the black button for around 15 seconds (or longer, if necessary). This should restart your Ring Doorbell and cause it to enter Setup Mode independently.

Changing the WiFi network

Your Ring Doorbell may be functional, but if your WiFi network fails and you have a spare, you may wish to connect to it instead. Alternatively, you could have changed your router or relocated to a new location.

You should be able to modify the WiFi network on your Ring Doorbell device in any case. Unfortunately, they haven’t made it easy for you. Because there are no controls on the device that allow you to do so, you may have to use the Ring app.

Although it may not work on all devices, this is a straightforward method. Launch the Ring app, navigate to the camera, select Device Health, and select Change WiFi Network. Select the network to which you want to connect from the list.

Some devices may provide a different option known as Reconnect to WiFi. Selecting this option, you will prompt to “Press the orange button,” which will result in the unmounting of the Ring Doorbell from your wall.

There is a more straightforward, if not more essential, solution if you don’t want to unscrew everything to get to the orange button. Change the name of your SSID to the name of your old router or the name of the network that isn’t working. It may not be the most complicated approach, but it does the job.


You can check several things to get to the root of the problem. First and foremost, try rebooting your router. Please turn it off, unplug all the cables, wait a few minutes for it to cool down, and then plug it back in. Your router may be operational, but it is overheating, which can cause it to slow down.

Ring, on the other hand, only works with 2.4GHz networks. Most WiFi networks operate at 2.4GHz, but you should still investigate. If your WiFi network is an exception, you’ll need to acquire a new router and switch providers.

Check your WiFi channel if your network does function at 2.4GHz. Because the Ring devices do not work on channels 11-12, your WiFi network should be set to channels 1-11.

You can troubleshoot further by checking the connection speed on your Ring doorbell. If your video quality is terrible or you cannot connect, this should be one of the first things you try. Go to the speed test website and press the ‘Start’ button with your phone within range.

If none of these troubleshooting steps were successful, please contact Ring’s technical support. Because the problem is most likely with the product, you’ll receive a refund or a brand-new Ring Doorbell device.

Modifying the WiFi Network

Although changing the WiFi network on Ring devices is overly tricky, their products perform flawlessly, despite the potential connectivity issues. More than likely, you will not have any WiFi issues, and the device will easily connect to your home network in seconds.


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