How Many Controllers Can Connect to the Nintendo Switch?


The Nintendo Switch is an excellent gaming device. Whether you’re playing with buddies or alone, Nintendo has supplied many alternatives for controllers.

Up to eight controllers can be attached to the Nintendo Switch simultaneously. However, there are restrictions based on the number of controllers that can be connected simultaneously, as well as the specific features employed in tandem with them.

  • Joy-Con: four pairs or eight singles
  • Wireless Pro Controllers: 8
  • Two USB controllers/adaptors

When using Joy-Con controllers, players can choose between two options. These handhelds can be used with two controllers per player or by dividing each pair of the four controllers into eight, resulting in unique devices.

One thing to remember about Joy-Con controllers is that even though they are attached to the grip, they count as two controllers that are connected. As a result, four players can play simultaneously while utilizing the Joy-Con controllers coupled to the Joy-Con handle.

Up to eight individuals can utilize the Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers simultaneously. These Nintendo Switch handhelds each count as one controller because they are wireless and do not take up any USB slots.

Pro Controllers are ideal for gamers who struggle to break away from the Xbox or PlayStation layouts. Hardcore fans understand that it wouldn’t be a Nintendo console if players couldn’t put in an adaptor and use their favorite prior Nintendo controller.

The Switch recognizes this by allowing players to connect controllers to the console’s USB port, allowing two to work simultaneously. I do not doubt that the two controllers you’d select are Gamecube controllers.

Keep in mind that you can mix and match configurations to link up to eight people simultaneously. You can use two pairs of Joy-Con and two pro controllers; you’ll have six connections, although the Joy-Con is only read as one input.

There is to it regarding how many controllers you can attach to the Nintendo Switch. Keep checking back to Twinfinite for more information, including valuable guides like this one.


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