How do I stop the video recording on my iPhone when I want to?


It doesn’t matter if you’re using the new iPhone 13 Pro Max or even the iPhone 8. Video recording is the best on a smartphone. You’ve probably seen some YouTube videos that were entirely shot on iPhone and course having your iPhone in your pocket provides you with a superb video recorder for remembering exceptional moments.

Is it possible to stop recording video on the iPhone?

There was a camera on the first iPhone, but you couldn’t use it to record video. Do you know that? Those who owned the phones had to go to the jailbreak scene if they wanted to try and record any videos. A potato camera might have been a little better back then, but it shows how far we have come!

When we talk about the iPhone’s limitations, there is a very annoying one: You can’t stop recording video on the iPhone right now. When you begin filming, the only method to “pause” is to completely stop recording, which saves the individual video clip to the Photos app. As long as you don’t want to have a lot of different video clips that you have to put together later, this is fine.

How do I stop the video recording on my iPhone when I want to?

People who want to stop recording videos on their iPhones don’t have to give up. There are ways to do this. As with most problems, you need to go to the App Store to solve them. A few apps in the App Store allow you to stop recording video on your iPhone.

  • PauseCam Video Recorder Camera: It’s the easiest way to stop your Camera while taking a video. Make changes to your videos and save or share them with friends!
  • Pause: Video editor and Camera: This is the time to stop. Pause is a new-generation video camera recorder and video editor that lets you record, pause, resume, and stop the video right away.
  • ClipyCam – Pause Video Camera: Pause and restart recording. Record separate clips from the main video. Take pictures as you record. Arrange videos & photos. Edit the name and location. Add timers to record.

Show your how to pause video recording on your iPhone, we’ve installed PauseCam Video Recorder Camera on our iPhone 13 Pro Max to show you how. The app is downloaded, follow these steps:

  1. The PauseCam app is on your iPhone. You can open it now.
  2. Enable Camera is a button that you can find on the splash screen.
  3. Camera permissions should be checked.
  4. When you get back to the splash screen, you can tap Enable Microphone to turn on the microphone again.
  5. Microphone use permissions must be checked.
  6. To record, click on “Record.”
  7. Tap the Pause button. That is now the record button.
  8. Tap the Record button to start over where you left off.
  9. When you’re finished recording, tap the checkmark icon in the top right corner. This will bring the recording to a halt.
  10. Tap the share symbol in the top right corner of the video preview to email it to someone else.
  11. You have the choice from one of the following videos:
  • Original
  • High
  • Medium
  • Low
  1. Choose one of the following ways to share:
  • Share with your friends.
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Save
  • Saved in photos
  • More

Even though PauseCam lets you pause video recording on your iPhone, there is one thing to keep in mind. It will cost your money to use the full power of the app to export your video. Otherwise, you’ll only be able to ship the footage in Low Quality, you may find is not as great as you hoped and falls relatively short of matching what you can produce when recording from the stock Camera app.


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