How Do I Block Someone From Texting Me on Verizon?


If you’re tired of receiving unsolicited text messages from Verizon, you can ban them temporarily or permanently. Using these three methods, blocking numbers on Verizon can prevent nuisance texts from getting through.

Make use of Verizon’s controls.

Using Verizon’s controls is the most straightforward approach to ban individuals from contacting you on most Verizon phones. Log in from your Verizon account and go to your Verizon plan’s “Family Safeguard & Controls” section. Select the line on which you want to block text messages, and then enter the phone number of the person you wish to block. When you click “Save,” all texts and phone calls from this number will be prohibited until you remove them from your block list. Verizon restricts you to 5 blocked numbers per line, which expire after 90 days.

This technique does not prevent Apple iMessages from being sent, so if you know the sender is using iMessage, follow the instructions in the next section to prevent them from being sent.

Use the iPhone’s Block feature.

Using Apple’s built-in iOS block message capability, you may prevent numbers from texting or contacting you. Tap “Settings,” then “Messages.” To avoid an existing number from calling you, tap the “Blocked” option and then “Add New.” Non-contacts can be blocked by touching the phone number in iMessage or the Phone section, then tapping “Block this caller.” Until you tap “Unblock this caller,” all iMessages, phone calls, and FaceTime calls from this number remain blocked.

Use of Android’s Block feature.

Android phones also provide a text blocking option that prevents messages from appearing in your inbox.

On Android devices running OS 6. x or below

Open the “Messages” app on your Android device and select the “…” menu, then “Settings,” and finally “Spam filter.” Turn on the spam filter and like “Add to spam numbers.” Tap “OK” to block the numbers you want to stop from recent calls or messages.

On Android devices running with OS 7.0 or above

On your Android device, open the “Messages” app and hit the “…” menu symbol, then pick “Blocked contacts.” Tap “Add a number,” then enter the number you want to block.

Use of a third-party blocking app.

Consider utilizing a third-party blocking app if Android’s built-in blocking feature isn’t as effective as you’d like or if your Android smartphone is running an operating system older than Android 4.4. SMS Blocker, TEXT BLOCKER, and Blacklist are among the blocking apps available in the Google Play Store.

Even if you utilize Android’s block feature, it may be worthwhile to employ Verizon’s settings to cover all bases and verify that numbers are entirely barred from texting or calling you.


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