FRP Bypass on the LG G5 – Unlock Google GMAIL Lock 


FRP is a built-in data protection feature for all Android phones today. It prevents phones from being used by people who aren’t supposed to have them. You have to find a way to unlock your phone if you forget the last Gmail account that you used on the phone. LG G5 FRP Bypass – Unlock Google GMAIL Lock [Android 6.0] Without PC/APK (New Security Patch) is what I’m going to show you how to do here. I’m showing you how to do it. Take note of the steps below.

FRP is now available on Android Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, and 10 Q versions. It is also available on Android Pie, Oreo, and 10 Q. FRP stands for “factory reset protection.” It protects Android users’ data and privacy if their phones are stolen or broken. The process of unlocking FRP security has changed with each new Android version and phone made. If you want to keep your Gmail account information safe, you should always keep it in mind.

The FRP turns on whenever you sign in to your LG G5 phone with Google. After you Reset your phone without deleting the Google account, you have to log in, set up your LG G5’s tab with your Google ID and password, and use the same ones.

These simple instructions would show you how to get around the FRP lock verification screen if you forgot your account information.

The LG G5 FRP unlock process has become very difficult. You can use any FRP bypass tool or FRP APK compatible with your phone to unlock FRP, and here I will show you how to bypass FRP from your phone.

How to Turn Off Factory Reset Protection

LG G5 users who want to disable the FRP lock feature will need to delete the Gmail account from their phones’ setting menu. Then, follow the steps to get rid of the Factory Reset Protection on your phone. Go to the settings menu, go to Accounts, then click on the Accounts button. Select the Gmail address =>> remove the account. That’s all.

Bypass FRP Files is not liable for any damage that may happen to your device. You should try this at your own risk!

How to bypass the FRP and Google Gmail on the LG G5

  • Switch on your LG G5.
  • Tap the next arrow, then tap Skip.
  • Turn on the wifi and attach your phone to a network.
  • Return to the first Welcome Screen.
  • Now, press and hold the Emergency Call button. Then, press the Next arrow a few times to go to the next page.
  • Do it until you get the Smart Forward or the Home Screen, then stop.
  • Tap on the Next button.
  • Now, your LG G5 phone will be factory reset to start over from scratch.
  • Wait until your phone has power.
  • Set up the first steps.
  • That’s all.


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