Can You Raise Your Snapchat Score Without Opening Snaps?


Snapchat, like other popular social media apps, has a devoted fan base that keeps the app ranked high on both the App Store and the Play Store. Similarly, Snapchat’s developers release new features once in a while to keep their user content. 

If you’re a regular Snapchat user, you’ve probably noticed a random number next to your username. Your Snap score is represented by these numbers. Your snap score, like your Facebook friend list or Instagram follower list, generally indicates how active you are on the app.

As your Snapchat activity increases, so does your Snapchat score. Snapchat, however, keeps the exact method of calculating your score a secret. While most people have figured out how the score works in general, there are still some questions that have yet to be answered. One such question is whether your Snapchat score can increase without you opening snaps.

If you’re looking for an answer, keep reading this article. You will discover how the Snapchat score works, among other things. With that, let’s get started!

What Is the Snapchat Score and How Does It Work?

Your Snapchat score, which is located right next to your username, informs you about your in-app activity. This score is not hidden from anyone, which means you can see other users’ scores just as they can see yours. So, where does this figure come from?

As previously stated, Snapchat has kept its scoring a secret. However, it generally correlates to the number of snaps sent and received, stories added, and other factors.

Here’s a breakdown of what your Snapchat score could consist of:

  • Every snap you receive increases your Snapchat score by one point.
  • Every snap you send to another user earns you a Snapchat point. Keep in mind that if you send the same snap to multiple people, it still counts as one point.
  • When you share a snap on your story, your Snapchat score rises by one point.
  • When you return to Snapchat after a brief absence and send a snap, your Snap score is increased by six points.
  • Remember that you will not receive a point for texting or watching Snapchat stories. So, no matter how many messages you exchange with other users, your Snap score will remain constant.

Even after adding up all of the other points mentioned, if your Snapchat score differs, it is due to a number of other factors that Snapchat has kept hidden from its users and no one has yet figured out. This could include making new friends, keeping streaks with other users, and so on.

Can You Raise Your Snapchat Score Without Opening Snaps?

Before opening a snap, we checked our Snap score to find out the answer to this question. Then we opened a snap that a user had sent us. Viewing the Snapchat score again later confirmed that it had risen by one point.

This means that in order for your Snapchat score to increase, you must open every snap you receive. Unopened snaps, on the other hand, will keep your score until you view them.

If you believe your Snapchat score is increasing despite not opening snaps, it could be because you are still sending snaps, posting on your story, and so on.

Questions and Answers (FAQs):

1. Is it possible that your Snapchat score will fall?

Although sending and receiving snaps raises your Snap score, it is not possible for your Snap score to fall. Even if you stop using Snapchat, your Snap score does not drop. It will remain the same until you return to Snapchat and send or view snaps.

2. How do I find out what someone else’s snap score is?

Snapchat makes it simple to check your friends’ Snap scores in just a few steps. Simply go to the chat with the user whose Snapchat score you want to check. Then, in the top left corner, tap on their Bitmoji. This brings up their profile, with their Snap score displayed directly beneath their username.

3. How can I quickly boost my Snapchat score?

If you want to quickly boost your Snapchat score, you can do so by simply being active on Snapchat. Every snap you send and receive, as well as every story you add, will add one point to your Snap score. As a result, being extremely active as you send and receive snaps throughout the day will cause your Snap score to skyrocket.

Furthermore, Snapchat does not permit access to third-party apps. As a result, never believe any programme or app that claims to increase your Snap score in a single day. These are all scams, and the only way to boost your Snapchat score is to engage in in-app activity.

Warning up: Can Your Snapchat Score Increase Without Opening Snaps?

To summarize, viewing other users’ Snap scores is a great way to determine how active they are on Snapchat. People with a higher Snapchat score tend to document their activities throughout the day, sending these snaps to friends and also adding them to their stories.

Your Snapchat score is made up of everything you send and receive, as well as the stories you post. However, if you want to improve your Snap score, you should open received snaps, especially those that have been pending for a while. Because snaps sent by other users that you do not open will keep your Snap score the same.

This brings us to the finish of our guide.. If you have any further questions or concerns about how the Snapchat score works or whether your Snapchat score can increase without opening snaps, please tell me in the comments section below. We will be glad to be of more assistance.


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